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The Regional Community Teams Program is a yearlong program that facilitates sustainable community partnerships through the development of collaborative leadership and public health skills among teams working on health improvement. Program activities include three workshops, three capacity-building site visits, and ongoing technical assistance from staff and consultants.  In addition, teams participate in cross-community networking visits to advance community health improvement. Leadership Institute staff work with teams to ensure that collaborative leadership and public health skill building is responsive to individual and community needs to advance health improvement efforts.  

Learning content includes:

  • Partnership building
  • Leveraging resources
  • Cultural humility and health equity
  • Storytelling
  • Policy advocacy
  • Community organizing
  • Collective impact
  • Action, evaluation and sustainability planning

A Regional Approach

To increase shared learning across communities and reduce time and distance barriers, the Community Teams program will be offered regionally: 

  • 2014 Southeastern
  • 2015 Northwestern
  • 2016 Southwestern 
  • 2017 Northeastern 

Video Stories

Videos produced by the Healthy Wisconsin Leadership Institute's multimedia storytelling partner, Ninjas for Health

2013-2014 Community Teams