2018 - 2019 Community Teams


Dane County Climate Council
The Dane County Climate Council strives to make Dane County more resilient to climate change by identifying, characterizing, and publicizing the wide variety of health impacts it has on communities, in particular highlighting the disproportionate impacts in underserved, low-income communities.  

Healthiest Greenfield
The Healthiest Greenfield Coalition aims to engage the community and work collaboratively across sectors to improve the health of Greenfield through behavioral health, healthy aging, and nutrition and physical activity.

Mujeres Líderes de la Salud
Mujeres Líderes de la Salud aims to create a diverse, sufficient, and competent workforce that promotes and protects health. The coalition also promotes adequate, appropriate and safe food for the Latino community in Dane County. A core part of the team includes respecting the community’s values, traditions, and culturally-appropriate definitions of health among the Latino community in the County.

REACH Waushara
REACH (Recognize, Educate, Activate Community Health) Waushara is a coalition focused on reducing the impact of chronic disease, improving access to mental health care, and reducing illegal drug use and alcohol in the community. The coalition continues to grow its focus on policy, systems, and environmental change using their Community Health Improvement Plan as a guide to improve the health of Waushara County residents.

Striving to Improve Health for All (SIHA)
SIHA is a coalition composed of individuals in the Milwaukee Muslim community who are passionate about promoting health equity. The coalition focuses on addressing the cultural stigma surrounding mental health within the Muslim community and the shaming culture that leads to dismissiveness of health care interventions.

2018-2020 Wisconsin Population Health Service Fellows
The 2018-2020 Population Health Service Fellows will be participating in the Community Teams Program, supporting the End Child Poverty Campaign.

2017 - 2018 Community Teams


Living the Waupaca Way (Waupaca County)
The mission of Living the Waupaca Way is to coordinate and empower community groups to enhance overall health through good nutrition and physical activity.

Native Breastfeeding Coalition of Wisconsin (Statewide)
The mission of the Native Breastfeeding Coalition of Wisconsin is to strengthen and encourage the traditional practice of breastfeeding to improve the lives of women babies and families for generations to come.

Fox Valley Thrives (Fox Valley Region)
The mission of Fox Valley Thrives is to improve equity and make healthier communities for all through education, engagement, and strategic, collective action.

Brown County Alcohol and Drug Task Force (Brown County)
The mission of Brown County Alcohol & Drug Task Force is to create a cultural change around alcohol/drug use in Brown County.

Healthy People Wood County Recreate Health (Wood County)
The mission of Healthy People Wood County Recreate Health is to reduce the impact of chronic disease in Wood County by creating community and systems level change by empowering everyone to make healthy choices regarding nutrition and physical activity

2016 - 2017 Community Teams


Richland FIT
The mission of Richland FIT is to create a healthier Richland County for all residents by offering healthy choices, revising environments, and sustaining fitness through policy change.

Happy Healthy Neighbors Cashton
The mission of Happy Healthy Neighbors Cashton is to create a culture of health and mental well-being in the Cashton community through promotion and initiatives for healthy lifestyle choices for all residents.

Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition
The mission of the Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition is to improve the health of Wisconsin by working collaboratively to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding.

Southwest Food Security Partnership
The mission of the Southwest Food Security Partnership is to identify and understand the root causes of food insecurity, to analyze and determine practical intervention approaches, to engage coalition partners and others in the region in selecting a priority approach and to develop action, evaluation and sustainability plans. There will be an additional focus on locally grown foods and how to both increase the growth of the local food movement and how that movement may improve food security.

Health Equity Alliance of Rock County (HEAR)
The Health Equity Alliance of Rock County is a group of multi-sector collaborators, working to develop leadership and consensus to effectively address, prioritize, inform, and educate the community on public health issues and improve the health for all in Rock County.

Safe Space Coalition of the Chippewa Valley
The mission of the Safe Spaces Coalition is to improve the safety, visibility, health, and well-being of LGBTQ+ people of all ages in the Chippewa Valley.

2015-2016 Community Teams


Ashland County
Wellness for Life--Empowering Youth Through Health Education Team: Building comprehensive health knowledge and skills utilizing appropriate developmental interventions in grades K-12 that result in increasing positive healthy behaviors which then enhance educational and social outcomes.

Barron County
Thrive Barron County Team:
Engaging community members and organizations to focus resources and develop and strengthen partnerships to establish sustainable, safe and healthy communities.

Eau Claire County
Family Violence Prevention Action Team:
providing oversight and direction to several local action teams, including that for family violence prevention. The mission of Eau Claire Healthy Communities and associated action teams is to promote the well-being of individuals, families and communities of Eau Claire County.

Pierce & St. Croix Counties
Healthier Together – Pierce & St. Croix Counties Team: creating and maintaining healthy communities and provide a more strategic framework for local health improvement activities.

Taylor County
Wellness Coalition of Taylor County Team:
initiating, supporting, and promoting a healthy lifestyle for individuals, families, and communities.