2019 - 2020 Community Teams

Chippewa County Health Equity Action Team (HEAT)
The Chippewa County HEAT strives to reduce disparities and improve health outcomes through data, community capacity, and Health in All Policies. The team exists under the Community Health Improvement Partnership and works alongside two other workgroups: Health in All Policies and Access to Care.  

Eau Claire Housing Coalition
The Eau Claire Housing Coalition is comprised of individuals from multiple sectors (public health, housing, faith-based institutions, community development, etc), dedicated to ending chronic homelessness in Eau Claire County. They aim to find healthy living situations for individuals and families in their community.

HealthWatch Eau Claire Coalition
HealthWatch Eau Claire works to improve the delivery and quality of health care services to people with low incomes in Eau Claire County through advocacy, collaboration, innovative strategies, and education. For over 20 years, the coalition has been a committed leader in improving access to health care services and and hopes to engage more community members in their work.

Pepin County Community Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP)
Pepin County CHIP aims to improve the health and well-being of Pepin County through multi-sectoral partnerships, collaborative leadership, and equitable strategies and practices. The coalition continues to grow its focus on policy, systems, and environmental change as they embark on their new cycle for their Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan.

Pierce-St. Croix CARES
Pierce-St. Croix CARES Coalition (Creating a Responsive and Effective System for Protecting and Promoting our Children’s Wellbeing) unites the efforts of a spectrum of stakeholders and service providers. The coalition is built on the premise that positive, long-term change for children depends on harnessing the shared resources, commitment, and experience of a range of stakeholders working together toward a common purpose.

Price County Health & Wellness Coalition
Price County Health & Wellness Coalition is focused on improving nutrition and access to physical activity in Price County. The coalition aims to create sustainable, long-term impact in nutrition and physical activity in their community through policy, systems, and environmental change.

St. Croix County
St. Croix County is a coalition of individuals dedicated to advancing health equity in their community through increased collaboration and implementing a Health in All Policies approach. They are a newly formed team, seeking to streamline and strengthen multiple health equity initiatives in St. Croix County.

2019-2021 Wisconsin Population Health Service Fellows
The 2019-2021 Population Health Service Fellows will be participating in the Community Teams Program, supporting a statewide project to support capacity building with board of health members on health equity.