Community Engagement and Partnerships

Asset-Based Community Development Institute
A website that provides a variety of resources related to the growing movement that considers local assets as the primary building blocks of sustainable community development.

Civic Change, Inc. (successor organization to the Pew Partnership for Civic Change)
A website that provides resources to help communities of all sizes respond to the challenges and opportunities of globalization in positive, sustainable ways.

Coalitions Work (Frances Butterfoss and Associates Consulting Group)
A website that provides tools and resources to help coalitions and partnerships reach their potential to be a force for positive change in the health of their communities.

Collaboration for a Change (Himmelman AT. revised April 2004)
A foundational article on different strategies for collaboration and questions to guide the collaborative process: Definitions, decision-making models, roles, and a collaboration process guide. Unpublished work. 

Collective Impact (Stanford Social Innovation Review)
A variety of articles discussing the concept of collective impact.

Collective Impact Forum
A website that include tools, resources, and advice to help accelerate the effectiveness and adoption of collective impact.

Community Toolbox
This website provides a comprehensive collection of tools and resources for those working to build healthier communities and bring about social change.

Creating High-Impact Nonprofits (Grant HM, Crutchfield L. Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2007)
A study of 12 high impact non-profit organizations.

Developing Community Capacity (WK Kellogg Foundation in Partnership with the Healthcare Forum)
A resource guide with a collection of models, concepts, techniques, and interventions to assist in empowering and mobilizing citizens in their coalition building efforts.

Engaging Diverse Stakeholders in Collaborative Efforts (HWLI Brief, 2010)
A brief that presents steps and strategies to engage diverse stakeholders.  Includes an inventory to identify potential benefits and costs of collaborative work.   

Kaiser Family Foundation
Designed to provide students, faculty and others interested in learning about health policy easy access to the latest data, research, analysis, and developments in health policy.

Leadership for Healthy Communities
A website providing resources with an emphasis on promoting policies with the greatest potential for increasing sustainable opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating among children at highest risk for obesity.

Midwest Academy
A website that provides information on Organizing for Social Change Training.

Tom Wolff and Associates
A one-stop-shop for resources on partnerships and coalition building.


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